Love Thoughts, when you’re SiNGLE

May pagkakataon pala sa buhay ng tao n makklimutan nia pano mainlove, ung pakiramdam na ndi mo naapreciate yung lyrics ng mga love songs kasi wla ka naman maisip kung para kanino… kasi masaya ka kahit wla sya.

Life is not ALL ABOUT finding that special someone for a special relationship, its also about your family, friends, career, other people, environment and especially our
relationship with God. Its not about counting how much love we receive but how much love
we give.

Sabi nga: Its a meaningless search for a meaningful life, unless we choose to love for someone else.

si SPECIAL SOMEONE? malay mo andian lng sa tabi-tabi, at God’s perfect timing. Dont look for the right person, BE THE RIGHT PERSON.


One thought on “Love Thoughts, when you’re SiNGLE

  1. buhaylibro says:

    haha. ang emo emo naman nito hahah, pero sige perfect thought, i agree :p

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