032012 – Bitter Sweet, Forgotten


I’m crying again. Listening to songs that i know would break my heart. Tears are falling because of you. . . Or just because of me. Crazy crazy crazy. a month of love, a month of heartache, a month of numbness, what would this new month might bring? Nasa numbness month pa lang aq. Gusto na ayaw na kita. Like what i told my pick-up counselor, para kasing di ko m-feel na special aq sau. Oo, dati masaya ako pg nalalaman kong di kau ok ni EK026, ngaun, gusto magkaaus na kau. Alam ko kasing kelangan mu lng ako pg di kau ok. Bakit? Ayoko na ng ganito. Pero gusto pdn kta. Ako? Anu b tlga?

from Grey Gardens:

“what we have between us is special” – Edie
“What we had between us is … sex” – Cap

my hobby is to cry.

*late published: supposed to be published last 032012 dahil ngayon ko lang nahalungkat na meron pala akong note na ganito*


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