061112 – Run.. Run!

I was running. Nagsimula yun, di ko maalala kung pano. Maaga naman daw ako for work, pero iba daw ang set up ng workplace, parang biglang nag-shift sa auditorium-style. Yung mga seats e tabi-tabi. Taz andun yung mga present work mates ko pati high school classmates ko. Andun din si TL. When i asked san ba magpupunch ng id, “is it on the 2nd Floor?, in.. at.. the 2nd Floor?” He replied, “in, on, at the 2nd floor, bumalik kayo kapag nakapunch kayo” . And then, we started running. I was with Deane nung una tapos nag-shift, si Yeye na bigla kasama ko, we we’re running daw sa parang railroad, at sometimes me nacocrossover kaming another railroad, and so we’ll stop running kapag parating yung tren. Then suddenly, nag- shift na naman. Parang naging karera na talaga daw, pero dun pa rin sa riles. Thrice daw kaming tumakbo sa sa rail track. We sometimes meet adults who gave up running kasi pagod na daw or may masakit na sa katawan. But then, us, we didn’t quit… Until we met this woman, parang she’s confined to this certain room & she just went out para salubungin kami. Pero yung pag salubong niya e parang lifeless, she appears to be sick, dressed in a hospital gown. And so, we went inside this white room where other patients are also in different corners of the room. I quickly went straight ahead sa window… And that’s where i read ang mga sticky notes, esp. the one for the last [cursed name] of my life. It says:
[insert 3-letter-word nickname here],
Mrs. —

And then i was curious who can that Mrs. — be? And that’s when i woke up and confirmed to myself that it was just a dream.


11th day –the dreams do not come true. napanaginipan ko ito ngayong 061112. Parang about sa life ko yung dream, about my past so wala naman talagang matutupad dahil nangyari na.

Run – to run means also indisposition. takbo ng takbo na parang hindi ako napapagod. Pero, alam mu yun, alam mong panaginip lang siya, hinahantay lang na magising ba.

Room a strange room means success and luck. i don’t believe in luck. God blesses each & every one of us depending on whatever He wills, but if this dream’s interpretation is kinda right, then God may have willed me to succeed. 🙂


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