Book Review: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Living Dead GirlLiving Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

Who is the Living Dead Girl?

She is Alice. She was named by Ray.Her real name is Kyla, who used to live in 623 Daisy Lane. It has been 5 years ago and she has always been dreaming about the Once Upon A Time that she was. Used and abused, that is what she is now. Threatened and kept like a prisoner with nobody to help her until the day she found her freedom.

Who is Ray?

He is Alice’s captor. He used to have another Alice before he had Kyla. By the description, it is implied that he was abused by his mother. He was doing things that kids aren’t supposed to do. He seemed so good to Alice, but underneath his skin lies someone who is already rotten. He is a phedophile. He wanted to keep Alice as young as she is, posing as his father when people are asking, it’s up to us to imagine what he’s been doing to Alice when they’re alone. He was shot dead by Jake at the end of the book, and there the story of the Living dead girl also ended,where Alice/Kyla is freed.

My Thoughts about the book

It’s a book where you have to work your imagination. No exact words about sex is used, every thing is described the way you can imagine them. It make my heart ache when I’m reading the lines where Alice is being hurt, and it was like in all pages of the book. She’s crying for help but no one came to her.

Threat and Abuse, that is what this book is all about. I might have been fortunate not to experience these things, but we do not have to experience those to feel what the author wanted us, readers, to feel.Speaking about what we are going through always make us feel better,just know who the the right person to talk about it.

Because almost everyone wants to know but just a few really cares.

If we wanted to be saved, do not hesitate to ask for help.
The living dead girl feels so empty inside.

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