Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster
Augustus Waters
Peter Van Houten

* You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.
– Augustus

* For who so firm that cannot be seduced?
– Anne Frank

* “You are a side effect,” Van Houten continued, “of an evolutionary process that cares little for individual lives. You are a failed experiment in mutation.”

* it would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you
– Augustus

* Everyone wants to lead an extraordinary life
– Augustus

* “I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”
– Augustus

* the stars would not be so terribly crossed, but it is the nature of stars to cross, and never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he had Cassius note, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves.” Easy enough to say when you’re a Roman nobleman (or Shakespeare!), but there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars..

* Sure, it may never come along, but at least they can rest easily in the grave knowing that they’ve done their little part to preserve the integrity of the Wish as an idea.
– Augustus

* “Pain demands to be felt,”
– An Imperial Affliction.

– Support Group mantra

My Review:

Another tear-jerker novel. John Green successfully slowly built the emotion of the story and intensified it a couple of chapters before it ended. Hazel Grace and the other kids at the Support Group fight against cancer with their faith to continue living has been a great inspiration. They are not typical child-with-cancer story, or maybe it was, i might just have missed on it. What i think about the novel is that it tells us that we all have different stories. We all deal with different struggles each day and it is on us on how we continue dealing with them. We might just find something or someone that’ll make that burden lighter to carry. They are called inspirations, and as we spend more time with them, our affection towards them will also grow deeper and once they’re gone we’ll be badly hurt. Being hurt is fine once in a while, it only proves that we’re still humans who can feel something mutually.

I can say say that a book has successfully touched me when i cry while reading through the lines. It’s like, always, being the main character of that book. Learning lessons that i do not have to go through myself. These lessons are something that i can share with others. It’s not being deep, maybe sort of. It’s about living in a world wherein it’s just me and these fictitious characters.

I feel more grateful that God has blessed me with what i can say a ‘normal’ earthly body. I don’t get sick, once a year is enough, and i don’t get to have cancer at all. Through Hazel Grace and Augustus, i have witnessed that love doesn’t always have a happy ending. They spent all the time they had with each other and that’s what matters… in sickness and in health, though they didn’t get married in the book, of course.

    The fault in our stars, therefore, is that nobody’s perfect. Even if we want to have something, we might still not get it as God has plans for each and one of us. It is alredy written in our stars.

One thought on “Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

  1. I really enjoyed this book, which surprised me because I don’t usually read YA. I definitely teared up!

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