Book Review: Every Soul, A Star by Wendy Mass

Every Soul, A Star

Ally [Alpha]
Mr. Silver

When i made my decision to finish reading this book, i was already influenced by previous books i finished reading like Star Girl & Love, Star Girl written by Jerry Spinelli. Characters in this book are too young for my age [but honestly, i love reading these kind of books rather than romance novels.]

The book is divided into three points of view between Ally, Bree and Jack. Their lives are so different from each other: ranging from a comet/asteroid hunter to a model wannabe to someone who can fly. They’re fated to meet each other and see the eclipse together, building friendship that will be remembered until who knows when. Their success and failures are what molded them and encouraged each to pursue their dreams.

More on life, loving life… it’s what I’ve learned from this book [and a little per cent on love between youngsters.] In the end, I learned to appreciate [more] this planet that God has given us. Looking up at the stars [wearing my contacts] enables me to see what Ally has been seeing. I also learned that what i look from the outside really mattered so it’s okay to sometimes beautify myself [wear lipsticks, etc]. Lucid dreaming is an idea that i already have even before i read this book. And when i’m dreaming, i know it’s just a dream but i tend to wake up and not use it to my advantage. So now, i’ll try controlling my dreams and fly just like what Jack is doing.

To all of you, wherever you wind up, i wish you clear skies.

And here is a site which can help us discover new planets:


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