Book Review: Fracture by Megan Miranda

Fracture (Fracture, #1)Fracture by Megan Miranda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing to do last Saturday. So when i got bored, i tried exploring something new from my Fbreader. That’s when i saw my ebook Fracture. I added it to my to-read shelf in Goodreads as it was a requested book from a reading buddy from one of the groups i belonged to, i think it was from the WE♥YA Group. But when this buddy didn’t respond to my request, i forgot about the book for almost a year. And that’s how i found Fracture again and for the record, i finished reading it in just 2 nights.

So here is my review of the book:

Seventeen years old Delaney Maxwell fall from a fractured ice, was saved by her friends and most specially by her bestfriend Decker. In eleven minutes, she could have died from that fall, but she didn’t. She was in coma for six days and alot of mysterious things happened: from thinking she’s having hallucinations, to having itching feelings all over her body, to witnessing death and be suspected of being part of it which is quite right.

Delaney wanted to be normal again, to be alive once more. But then she met Troy Varga, someone like her but with a different motive. He let her understand what they’re going through and what he thinks they should do but Delaney doesn’t want to conform with what his ideas.

A mixture of life, death, love, hate, suspense and hope: that is what this book is about. No dull moments. The action rises along with the questions i have in mind. Given that this book is fictional, Megan successfully described each medical things needed to fully deliver the setting for this book.

So after reading it, i’m looking for more and found out it has a sequel and even has a short story narrated from Decker’s pov.  A great read. 🙂

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