041013 – 23rd

Sabi nga sa commercial, wala mang balloons or ice cream or cake, okay lang basta may spaghetti sa birthday… pero ako, wala ako nun ngaun. Walang swimming [ok lang, nagswimming naman na, stampede nga lang]. walang relax mode [dahil I’m at work, ganun din naman last year minus the swimming lang].

What I’m grateful about this year on my birthday is that the people whom i love never fail to greet me, especially si God. He woke me up this morning with a smile on my face. Three or more Consecutive days na akong may dreams which doesn’t really bother me, parang soap opera lang inside my head to entertain me, or maybe i already forgot about them. Thankful din ako for my job dahil I know this job has been given to me by God himself. Kumbaga, i stayed away from it pero go pa rin ng go until I’m with this company na talaga. Another thing, before i went to bed ngaun, e tumawag si mama. And that’s enough gift for this whole day to hear her voice, kahit pagod sa byahe [byahe talaga]. It’s a good feeling din na on my birthday, safe ang family ko, though nasa Zambales na naman si Mor at si papa e mag-isa sa bahay pag nasa work ako. May this job be a blessing not only to me but also to my family and to others. Ilan lang yung bumati sa akin through SMS pero i know they really care about me on my birthday. Kaninang umaga nga bago pumasok, gnreet pa ko ng mom ni Ayiie. Surprising that she knows my birthday, whoever told her about it but i’m glad and it made my day that someone knew my special day.

On my satisfied scale, i’m already full but there’s still room for more happiness kung sakali. Sample, if meron sanang handa or swimming uli, or my new co-workers might have known about my birthday but they didn’t, or yung mga ‘close friend’ sa school or sa previous work or sa church e igreet ako, or the most impossible, U. Kung igreet mo ko. Pero i know it won’t happen. You won’t know. And now i’m sad realizing it, but no! I won’t let it ruin my day. What matters most is that this day is not a waste. 🙂

Tasty with Lady’s Choice chicken spread for breakfast. Siomai rice for lunch. Alot of Milo and Latte for drinks. Chicken at Paksiw for dinner. Bountiful menu. So thank you Lord so much for these blessings. I wanted to thank you before the 24hours of my birthday ends 🙂

guest nga pala sa tonight with Arnold Clavio si Jinri Park. Ang cute pala nya pero parang mas chubby talaga siya kapag live kesa pag sa pictures lang. She’s pretty… kaya nga like mu sya.

late post. Better late than later XD


2 thoughts on “041013 – 23rd

  1. ikamuace says:

    belated happy birthday!!

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