Review: Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park
Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
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Book Review : Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Where to start? I can’t move on with this book.. it’s like i still feel how broken the characters’ hearts are.

How I Found The Book:
And so it’s a new year and I’m still a bookworm. and that’s good because i always have a goal for how many books to read. And this year, i made it achievable to 20 books. I discovered Eleanor and Park through Barnes and Nobles’ web as i was browsing through the Young-Adults section, it’ like they recommended this book based on what you searched for a certain title… And there, i downloaded an ebook version if it and started reading it late last year along with Allegiant. i stopped frim time to time as my schedule will allow me only limited time to read but here, before January ended, i finally finished Eleanor & Park :))

How I Felt While Reading:

This book reminds me how it feels like to fall in love. There’s this mysterious force that will always find a way for two people to get together no matter how hard the situation may look like. It brings me back to being 16 again. Enough time to rest from dystopian series.

And when I got to the Ending chapters, it’s like — i know what will happen but i have to finish this-somehow-i-do-not-want but like in real life, i have to move on (not saying that I’m brokenhearted, I’m not!) :))

This is Another book that made me cry after Fault in our Stars, I’m looking in the future for a movie version of this as well 🙂

How I Summarized The Book:

Eleanor is a new kid in school. According to Park’s description, she wears clothes that that you will really notice her even if you do not want to look at her. Kids get to ride buses but this time, she does not have any choice where to sit down as the bus already has seats ‘arranged’ to each students. (You know the feeling when no one wants you beside them..) When it’s time for the bus to go, Park, by then, has no other choice but to offer the seat beside him as he has it wholly for him only. He is forced to have him sit.

Day after day, they ride on the school bus sitting next to each other without speaking a word. Park will just read his comics on the way to school or just listen the music on his mixed tapes. Until one day, he noticed that Eleanor is reading the comics he is reading, so he keeps his pacing slow for her to catch up with the story. He even started lending her one comic book from another, and that’s how their story somehow progress..

Park begins to notice the song titles on her book and started sharing songs to her. Lending her his music and making her mixed tapes which they will listen to until the battery dies.

Park started hanging out with her even outside the bus, around school, and even had a fight with Steve– his friend/enemy, just to defend Eleanor as she is being teased.

It’s not really clear to me how they became officially together, but what i remember is it started with holding Eleanor’s hand. Then it slowly progress to something more which really is so heart fluttering :))

You’ll remember the moments when you also sneaked out of the house and hang out with a boyfriend/girlfriend and fight him/her from your parents.

When they had their first (and only?) conversation over the phone, you’ll remember your first as well!

‘I don’t like you, Park,…
I …’ – her voice nearly disappeared – ‘sometimes I think I live for you’

Park’s thoughts:
 What are the chances you’d ever meet someone like that? … Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? And what did you do when that person was born half a world away?

It’s just so sad by the end of the book why they have to be apart. The loneliness killed me on those parts, feeling how they felt apart.

Eleanor hadn’t written him a letter, it was a postcard.

Just three words long.

i finished reading the book last Sunday, Jan. 25. And it’s morning, and my eyes are filled with tears.

Now, I’ll be reading If I Stay by Gayle Foreman as I’ve checked upcoming films this year and it’s one of the books that will be adapted to movie and will star Chloé Grace Moretz (Carrie, Kick Ass)

I’m starting to like her movies, or is there no other choice? 😉

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