Review: Elsewhere

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Somewhere out there, when you die, there is a place called Elsewhere…
Lives grow in reverse, the old becomes young until you go back to Earth.
This book showsa how happiness can be found in yourself, on your own, in every one around you.
Nice 🙂

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Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
end time: may 14 2014 10:05
My Review:

Elizabeth Marie Hall, Liz, Lizzie died so young. Cause of death was being hit by a cab. By age of 16, she reached Elsewhere thinking she was just dreaming.

There in Elsewhere, she met alot of people that changed her thoughts and let her know the real meaning of happiness. As she died so young, she thinks she was deprived of growing old, to not fall and experience love, to go to college, and even get her driver’s license. As life is moving in reverse in Elsewhere… From being 16 Liz turns back to being a child as well everyone else around her, including her Grandma Betty, her boyfriend Owen, even her dog Sadie. Liz had a dog on Earth, named Lucy, who also arrived on Elsewhere when Liz is about 9 or so. Small conflicts happened as well when Owen’s wife, Emily Reilly arrived there as well. But eventually, ’til death do us part’ separated them as Owen loved Liz now he’s in Elsewhere. It’s just so heartbreaking how one can love someone so much and then make a choice between two people. Liz experienced love and all and finished her lifetime on Elsewhere until she is brought back to Earth as a baby again.
Life on Earth and on Eldewhere is described like a tree. There is the tree that grows upward with branches and leaves, and then there is the root tree that grows underneath with root branches growing at the same time with the one above. Reincarnation is the idea being depicted in this book. As i am not really someone who believes in the idea of reincarnation, the story somehow captures my attention how the Author created a world, very much like Earth, some place that brings back life to Earth.
Not to complicate the story, the scenes just happened so fast for me. I recommend this book for quick readings.



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